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by Richard on September 18, 2010

You can find high quality interactive maps of Canada or any other place using Mapquest Canada, but that’s not all, you can also use Map Quest to get driving directions in Canada, you can get directions from and to any place that you want, you can even use this advanced software as a road trip planning tool, if you ever need to go from one city to another. You can also use this route planning software to build routes that go all they way from Canada to the United States, or to any other country if possible, if there’s a way to get there Mapquest will show you the best route to get you there.

Mapquest for Canada works exactly the same way it works in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and South America. With Map Quest classic you could map any location by simply filling in the required information in the empty fields, you would have to type in the name of a business (optional), the address of a place or an intersection, followed by the name of the city, state, postal code, etc. With the new Mapquest Canada getting maps and directions is a lot more simple, we all know that in the past Map Quest could handle incomplete chunks of information very well, the software was able to map any location and provide driving directions to any place by just filling in just a fraction of the required fields, well, to my surprise Mapquest now handles incomplete pieces of information a lot better than before.

Mapquest for Canada is more simple, and it’s also easier to use now, in fact Map Quest recently launched which is an MQ site made exclusively for the Canadian market, now there’s only one search box, and that’s where you have to enter all the information.

At, or at you will find a map at the right side of your screen, and a search box on the left side of your screen, to map any location enter the name or the address of what you are looking for, and then click on the “get map” button. To get directions click on “get directions”, enter your locations, and then press enter on your keyboard. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Now you don’t have to manually enter additional information like zip codes and stuff like that, with the new website all you have to do is write down the addresses, click on get directions, and that’s it. If you want to learn more about this greast service click on the following link: MapQuest.   

So there you have it folks! Now you know everything about Mapquest Canada, a free, but yet reliable online mapping service that anyone can use to get driving directions and explore locations in Canada. One more tip before you leave, if you are the type of person that likes to try new things, there’s a really good alternative to this online mapping software that you might want want to check out, if you don’t want to use MQ I would only recommend using Google Maps, which is probably the only service out there that’s actually better than Map Quest.

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