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Google Earth Video Features Aerial Imagery and 3D Models of Legendary Stadiums

by Richard on April 9, 2012

Google loves sports just as much as you and I do, so in order to celebrate the start of this year’s baseball season they’ve created a really cool Google Earth video that features aerial imagery and 3D models of legendary stadiums across the country. The video includes images of stadiums such as Fenway in Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago, San Francisco Bay and AT&T Park, all images are displayed using the bird’s eye view.

If you are a true Baseball fan who’s been eagerly waiting for the 2012 baseball season, then this will probably be one of the best virtual tours of your life. Check out the video below!

Google Earth Product Marketing Manager Vicky Homan provided a couple of helpful tips for those who will be attending live baseball games this season. She recommends turning on the weather layer when using Google Maps to see current and expected weather conditions, that way you’ll know if the weather will be dry and warm, or rainy and cold on game day. To access weather information on Google Maps, simply select the weather layer through the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the map, then zoom in to any city or area to see expected and current weather conditions.

If you’re planning to visit another city to watch a live game, you can use Google Maps to plan your whole trip in advance. First you will have to enter the name of a stadium or a ballpark in Google Maps, then use the “search nearby” feature, to do so, simply click on the blue link that says “Search Nearby” after you’ve mapped a location. Google Maps will automatically help you find bars, hotels and transportation solutions in the same neighborhood where the ballpark or stadium is located. This feature is also available on Google Maps for mobile.

[Images credit:Google]

If you’re planning a baseball road trip this year, then you can create a Custom Map with all your destinations and stops on it, mark restaurants, hotels, local sites, and other places that you want to visit along the way. You can share your custom map with family and friends, you can also add text, videos and images to your map, that way you’ll make it more interactive and fun for those who use it, plus you’ll be creating an online archive of your traveling experiences at the same time.

[via Google Lat Long]

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