Bing Maps

by Richard

I like to have as many options as possible, I also love driving, in fact driving plays a very important role in my life, that’s why I love and depend so much of web mapping services like Bing maps, Google maps, and Mapquest.

Web mapping softwares have helped me become a more efficient person, thanks to them I’m never late, I hardly ever have to deal with traffic jams, and I usually get to save a lot of money and time throughout my whole daily routine. Since I like to have a lot of options, I’m always looking for new online mapping softwares that work well, because the more options I have, the better. You never know what’s going to happen, who knows, maybe in a couple of years Google Maps won’t be as good as it is now, I don’t think that will ever happen, because Google is always working very hard trying to make their service better, but then again, who knows what could happen in the future, right?

Bing maps is a service that you should try at least once, specially if you already are an online maps user, and also if you enjoy the tools, and features provided by these services. Bing Maps are supposed to be as good as Google Maps and Map Quest, in fact I’ve even read on some forums and articles across the web that B Maps are way better than Google maps, Yahoo maps, and even Google Earth! So you should at least give them a try to see what’s all the fuzz about. To be honest, I personally prefer Google maps, I believe that G Maps really is the number one web based online mapping service available right now, Google earth is even better but you do have to download, and then install the software.

Bing Maps are provided provided by Microsoft’s Bing suite, it’s an online mapping software that provides high quality maps, an advanced route planning features, the site also has a huge searchable database that allows you to find people, businesses, locations, and even public collections created by other users.

Bing Maps main features are topographically shaded street maps that can be browsed and searched very easily, these maps include and display built in points of interest such as hospitals, stadiums, and other important places. Basic Street maps offer several types of views, street-side which is probably the coolest feature, it provides full panoramic 360 degree imagery of street level scenes taken with cameras from special vehicles, it’s very similar, almost identical to the very well known Google Street View feature. The bird’s eye view which displays aerial imagery taken from a low flying aircraft is pretty cool too, bird’s-eye images and pictures are taken at an oblique 45 degree angle, this perspective allows the user to have a better perception of the depth of buildings and geographical locations.

Bing maps default map view is Road View, it displays vector imagery of buildings, roads, and geographical points, the map data is powered and licensed by Navteq, who is also a map provider for Yahoo Maps and Mapquest. Aerial view is also available in B Maps, it allows you to easily identify roads, places, and landmarks by overlaying satellite imagery in the map and highlighting points of interest, but probably one of the most interesting and fun features that the site has is 3D maps! You can also rotate and tilt the angle, panning is also allowed, and you will also have the ability to zoom in and zoom out to get a better view of the map. 3D maps are textured in order to provide near photo-realism, to use this feature first you have to download, and then install a plugin. (Click here to get the plugin).

Bing Maps provides great looking maps, I really like them, but they are not the main reason why I visit this well known online mapping website, I like to visit the site because it has lost of handy tools that help me improve my productivity, they allow me to be more efficient. I use online mapping softwares, because I like to use state of the art route planners that allow me to create routes that make my journeys shorter, faster, and cheaper, in other words, I like to get from A to B as fast as possible, web mapping services like Bing maps and Google maps allow me to complete my daily tasks just they way I like it, no stress, no traffic, easy driving!

Bing driving directions are accurate, and they are not as confusing as the directions that other free web mapping services provide, the routes are always displayed through high quality maps, so navigation is always easy. Bing does not only provide driving directions, Bing Maps also provide walking directions and transit directions (bus, subways, and local rail).

The Bing maps interface has a very visually appealing design, that always helps, because everyone likes to visit sites that are easy on the eye. As most major web mapping sites, Bing also provides live traffic information, this service uses Clearflow technology, Clearflow provides real time traffic data, and also helps drivers avoid traffic by showing them alternative routes that have less congestion. The maps and directions provided by Bing can be easily shared with anyone through email, they can also be embedded on any website, just look for the share and embed icons located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Bing maps is also available for mobile, go to “” to get more information, there you will have three options to access B Maps for mobile, if you are reading the information on this webpage through your mobile device, then simply open up your mobile’s web browser and type, then click on “Maps”, and that’s it, you will be able to start creating routes right away, you will even be able to check for real time, live traffic information directly from your phone!

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